Niche subscription services are becoming really popular and companies are coming up with some creative ways to engage with targeted audiences. One which really caught my attention is which I stumbled upon yesterday.

For £15 a month (inclu delivery) they will send you a surprise present in the post every month (hence notanotherbill). The gifts are sourced from antique shops, flea markets or small independent producers/designers and the things that they have sent out so far have been really cool Рincluding limited edition prints, jewellery, bespoke stationary and lots more.

Dan Hiller picture

You can subscribe for one month or up to a whole year and if you don’t like the present you receive you can send it back and it will be exchanged for something else.

It’s a great way to build up a collection of interesting things that you may never have come across, or the gifts could be saved and used as presents for your friends. Despite being skint all of the time, I am definitely planning on subscribing.

PS. One other subscription service that I spotted too (this one is based in America) is Kitchen Turntable’s pairings box – which is basically everything you need for a night of good food and good music. Check it out.