Hmmmm ….. where to start …. I live in Sheffield. I work in PR. I like it. I own a house that I am doing up. We started refering to it as ‘decorating’ but soon realised that ‘renovating’ better described it – and covered up the fact that it is taking so long. I like junk shops, antique shops, charity shops, anything a bit naff that can look cool, granny chic and chintz. Living Etc is my bible.

The Fashionably Lost is a project which we started in September 2012 – buying and selling lots of old things we’ve picked up on our travels around the country and indulging in our love for searching out the unusual and quirky. You can find us at The Nichols Building, Sheffield.

This blog is a round-up of The Fashionably Lost and other things. That’s about it I guess …