After a busy few weeks we have finally officially opened The Fashionably Lost. It’s a project that has been in the pipeline for a few months but from yesterday we will be selling vintage, handmade and just plain ‘old’ interior type things from a unit at The Nichols Building in Sheffield.

It all started about four or five years ago when we discovered all of Sheffield’s antique shops and centres which we would visit to look for unusual and unique things for our house. After a good few years trawling other people’s shops, we eventually decided to try our own hand at buying and selling.

After a successful few months last year selling in the Antiques Emporium in Sheffield, we have moved to a bigger, brighter space in the Nichols Building and The Fashionably Lost was officially launched.

The items in our shop are a collection of things that we have handpicked from a wide range of places which we think are cool or quirky. Everything we buy we would genuinely put in our own home (there are some things that almost don’t make it on display because we want to keep them). Some of the things we buy, we sell as ideal projects for people to reupholster or to sand down and paint. Some of the items are handmade by me – the black patterned fringed cushion on the chair is probably my favourite to date.

So that’s about it really – exciting times, more pictures to follow soon.


I spotted this really cool idea on Twitter a few months ago – it is called Project Photo Doodle and the premise is simple. You send in a picture you’ve taken – could be a landscape, a group of people, anything and this clever artistic type (Phill Wall) will do a quirky doodle over your picture and upload it to his website.

I sent in a picture of a Croatian sunset and this is the result …

It took a while for him to get to my photo and conveniently he sent it back to me just before Christmas so I twisted his arm to send me the jpeg and got it printed and framed for a present for the boyf. Its a nice quirky reminder of our holiday and something a bit different to the run-of-the-mill holiday snaps. Give it a go!


Niche subscription services are becoming really popular and companies are coming up with some creative ways to engage with targeted audiences. One which really caught my attention is which I stumbled upon yesterday.

For £15 a month (inclu delivery) they will send you a surprise present in the post every month (hence notanotherbill). The gifts are sourced from antique shops, flea markets or small independent producers/designers and the things that they have sent out so far have been really cool – including limited edition prints, jewellery, bespoke stationary and lots more.

Dan Hiller picture

You can subscribe for one month or up to a whole year and if you don’t like the present you receive you can send it back and it will be exchanged for something else.

It’s a great way to build up a collection of interesting things that you may never have come across, or the gifts could be saved and used as presents for your friends. Despite being skint all of the time, I am definitely planning on subscribing.

PS. One other subscription service that I spotted too (this one is based in America) is Kitchen Turntable’s pairings box – which is basically everything you need for a night of good food and good music. Check it out.

Mar Menor in Spain

I really like this picture that I took of the Mar Menor in Spain on my iPhone. I think its got a bit of a retro-vibe going on. That is all.


I spotted this Wikihouse thing on Twitter yesterday. It is basically a group of architecture/designery types that have come together to create an open community project which will mean that ‘anyone’ can build their own house.

So basically you go on the website, download a house plan that takes your fancy (from a selection uploaded by different designers), make a few tweaks in Google Sketch if you want, send your plans off to a CNC cutter and then assemble your house jigsaw stylee.

It looks really cool and will be interesting to see what buildings are created. However, when they say ‘anyone’, I’m sure you are going to need a certain level of above average intelligence to do it successfully. It is definitely beyond my realms of capability!

Mill Farm Tea Gardens
Last weekend we took a trip out to Mill Farm Tea Gardens for afternoon tea.

It is a place best visited on a sunny day so you can sit outside. The gardens are full of shabby chic furniture, wild flowers on the tables and lots of birds and wildlife – and are probably the reason we keep going back. Its a traditional afternoon tea with sandwiches, scones and fruit cake and unlimited tea – we never manage to get on to the top tier. Next time I am replacing the fruit cake with chocolate and taking it home in a doggy bag!

Afternoon tea at Mill Farm

For something a bit more modern (and alcoholic) – a few weeks ago we took a work outing to Dock Street Market in Leeds for a boozy afternoon tea with tea pot cocktails, chunky sourdough bread sandwiches and various other nibbles and cakes. It’s a cool venue and was great start to a boozy afternoon!

Dock Street Market afternoon tea

Whilst on holiday in Croatia we visited the beautiful city of Zadar with its maze-like cobbled streets. One of the best shops that we stumbled upon was a huge rundown building cram-packed with antiques. Usually we would have walked away with a haul but regrettably airline luggage restrictions held us back this time – what a shame.

I have been meaning to teach myself to crochet for months and months and this week finally gave it another go. I hate not being able to do something straight away and although I think I have got the basic stitches down (almost) I really should be practising the basics rather than jumping straight into making something (but that’s boring). One other problem is that reading the patterns blows my mind – i’m hoping YouTube will help with this. My goal is to crochet a granny square stylee throw – something like the below. A while ago I stumbled on the blog of someone who is making some amazing things – I really need to find that out and post the link. I’ll update on my progress …