On Sunday I ventured over to Lincolnshire for a prowl round the Antiques and Home Show at Lincolnshire Showground.

It was the second time I had been and probably not quite as good as last time. With Sunday being day three of the show a lot of dealers had packed up and left early. That said, there was still plenty to look at and lots of lovely things to explore. Plus sometimes when there are loads and loads of stalls it can seem a bit overwhelming.

One of my fave things about going to the Lincoln show is that on the way over from Sheffield you have to stop at a manned toll bridge and pay 36p. It always amuses me!

The Showground is huge and I wasn’t 100% sure what I was after so I started by having a stroll around and took some pictures and made a mental note of things that I thought I might go back and buy.

Even if I wasn’t looking for things for the shop it would be a really fun day out – especially because the sun was shining – and I would probably walk away with a haul. Anyone furnishing a house would have a field day with genuine, proper antiques, restored furniture, shabby chic bits and retro homeware. From big pieces of furniture to ornaments, lights, mirrors – you name it, it will be there.

I picked up a few great bits and pieces for The Fashionably Lost – here is a sneak peak of some old crates and an Antler vanity case that will be in the shop soon.

I’m planning on having a big overhaul of the display so i’ll post some more pictures once everything else is in the shop. In the meantime I’ll leave you with the one that got away – an old phone in a nice dusky pink colour which for some reason I dismissed as too expensive but now I massively regret not buying.

I must also include an honourable mention for a friendly man working at the show who gave me a hand back to my car when I was trying to carry far too much … on two occasions!

Visit the organiser’s website for more details on the next show.