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As promised, a few pictures of some of the items we currently have for sale at The Nichols Building. We have had a busy week and some of our fave items have been snapped up already (the big blue trunk, an old suitcase, a sewing box and our Tina painting).

One of the best things about having the unit is seeing what sells well and then going out and hunting for more items. Here are a few things that are still in the shop (pictures courtesy of Louise at The Nichols Building and stolen from the Facebook page).

We love Russian Dolls and always snap them up if we spot any out and about on our travels. The small ones come as a set of five.

This book is over 100 years old. We really like the colours and detail in the cover – its a work of art. The pink scarf is also really pretty.

These Fauna ornaments are perfect if you are in to retro kitsch.

The colours in this glass paperweight are beautiful. I thought it was a Kingfisher but it is in fact a Nuthatch, so now you know!

One of my favourite display shelves – I love the colours of the bowl, jug and Art Nouveau painting.

A white wicker chair with a cushion I made myself – check out the sexy fringing!

Because everyone should have a bell in their lives!


After a busy few weeks we have finally officially opened The Fashionably Lost. It’s a project that has been in the pipeline for a few months but from yesterday we will be selling vintage, handmade and just plain ‘old’ interior type things from a unit at The Nichols Building in Sheffield.

It all started about four or five years ago when we discovered all of Sheffield’s antique shops and centres which we would visit to look for unusual and unique things for our house. After a good few years trawling other people’s shops, we eventually decided to try our own hand at buying and selling.

After a successful few months last year selling in the Antiques Emporium in Sheffield, we have moved to a bigger, brighter space in the Nichols Building and The Fashionably Lost was officially launched.

The items in our shop are a collection of things that we have handpicked from a wide range of places which we think are cool or quirky. Everything we buy we would genuinely put in our own home (there are some things that almost don’t make it on display because we want to keep them). Some of the things we buy, we sell as ideal projects for people to reupholster or to sand down and paint. Some of the items are handmade by me – the black patterned fringed cushion on the chair is probably my favourite to date.

So that’s about it really – exciting times, more pictures to follow soon.